Purpose of this webpage

‘About mHealth’ is concerned with mobile health technologies, such as health apps, smartwatches or other wearables. We aim to increase awareness about and understanding of these technologies and their effects on individual, societal and global levels.

‘About mHealth’ was created by the META research group. META is an acronym for: “mHealth: ethical, legal and social aspects in the technological age.”

This website is relevant to anyone who wishes to explore critical thinking about digital health more broadly and mobile health in particular.

We offer an independent perspective on the opportunities and challenges raised by mHealth as well as wider aspects of digital transformation. Specifically, we offer material that is suitable for teaching purposes.

You can find three major content spaces on this page

About mHealth explains what mHealth is, what happens to our data and how mHealth can change ourselves and society.

Ethics of mHealth provides a brief introduction to the ethics of mHealth. You will also find a compilation of stories. Each of the stories illustrates one or several ethical issues in the area of mHealth.

Our Blog features opinions of various scholars on timely topics related to mHealth.