Using health apps

Welcome to the META project. Are you using, or planning on using a health app or sensor? Or you just want to find out more about ethical and social aspects of health apps? Here you can find plenty of research-based, science-backed information and inspiration, which may be helpful to navigate the health app jumble. 

  1. Stories – these are fictional stories that we wrote. Some of them are based on real events and people and all of them relate to existing technologies and related ethical issues. The stories and their brief discussions are supposed to help you gain a deeper understanding of the different ethical challenges regarding mHealth.
  2. Legal info – here is some very basic legal information. Please be aware that this section was last updated in 2024.
  3. Sociological knowledge – mHealth is situated in and shaped by societal structures, cultures and social environments, with particular histories and dominant social inequalities. In this section we offer introductions to sociological perspectives on mHealth.
  4. Technological knowledge – In order to understand the ethical (normative), legal and social implications of mHealth, it is also crucial to have a basic idea of the underlying technical aspects. In this section we give a brief overview of the technological features of mHealth.