About the META project

META is an acronym for: “mHealth: ethical, legal and social aspects in the technological age.” It is the name of our interdisciplinary research team, funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF). Our overall goal is a thorough analysis of ethical, legal and social aspects of such technologies. Different academic disciplines are involved: Philosophy, applied ethics, sociology, law, medicine, public health.

Building on research findings, the team also offers consultancy to various mHealth stakeholders with the aim to support responsible, socially sustainable and user-centered innovation in mHealth.

Since 01.12.2020 the project is based at the Medical Faculty of the University of Augsburg, and the webpage is currently under development. More information about the project can be found here:

The team

Meta Team
Photo: Yves Krier
PD Verina Wild
Photo: Yves Krier

Prof. Dr. Verina Wild

works in the area of medical ethics/bioethics, public health ethics and global health ethics. She leads the META project.

Dr. Tereza Hendl
Photo: Yves Krier

Dr. Tereza Hendl

is a philosopher and bioethicist. She is a Postdoc and Co-Lead on the META Project. Her research explores the epistemology and ethics of mHealth technologies from a justice perspective.

Dr. Niels Nijsingh
Photo: Yves Krier

Dr. Niels Nijsingh

is a public health ethicist and data application modeler. His academic research centers around digital consent and digital choice architecture. He was a postdoc and co-lead on the META Project, as well as the main editor of the About mHealth webpage, from 2019 until 2022.

Bianca Jansky, M.A.
Photo: Yves Krier

Bianca Jansky, M.A.

has a background in sociology and philosophy and is currently doing her PhD in sociology/science and technology studies in the META project.

Nicole Peter

has a background in public health and has worked on the META project. She was mainly involved in the development of the theme background “What is mhealth and what is it good for?”

Eva Spaeh

works in clinical trials, and she helped proofread the content of the mHealth website during her time as an intern with the META project.

Rachna Bhalla

is student research assistant in the META-group. She is currently writing her master thesis in epidemiology on mHealth applications in maternal health. She is the author of “Youtube as a health app…“. Rachna looks forward to pursuing a career in health research after completion of her master’s in epidemiology at LMU.

Nirupa Kandel

works as a research assistant with the META team. She is a second-year student at the LMU, Munich and is writing her master in epidemiology.

Ayush Shukla

works as a student research assistant with the META team. He is a master’s student at the Munich Centre for Technology (MCTS) in Society at the Technical University of Munich. His current major research interests involve concerns regarding Responsible Innovation (RI) in healthcare.

Maria Selmansberger-Krier

is a graphic designer and responsible for the META webdesign.


The project “mHealth: ethical, legal and social aspects in the technological age (META)” is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Grant number: 01GP1791.
Duration of the project: 01.04.2018-31.03.2024