eHealth or ‘digital health’, less commonly referred to as ‘online health’ or ‘cybermedicine’ refers to the overall use of information and communication technologies in medical care and to all other health-related services, products and processes that support the treatment and care of patients. The field of application of ehealth is large and ever expanding. It includes the digital exchange and transmission of health information, the communication between doctor and patient, the integration of data, i.e. the lifelong recording of a patient’s health data and the provision of information via information portals on the Internet. Concrete examples are the electronic health card in Germany, which stores all health data, findings, medication plans and disease histories; the use of electronic prescriptions; the use of video calls and chats in doctor-patient communication and the electronic transmission of findings between doctors.

A subgroup of ehealth is mhealth, which describes the use of mobile health services and now represents a separate research field of ehealth.

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