Quantified Self

The term ‘quantified self’ refers to a amorphous movement that originates in the work of two american journalists (Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly) in 2007. The general aspiration of this movement is ‘lifelogging’: the constant measurement and analysis of vital data of the human body by smartphones, wearables and other devices. Members of the movement are tracking a high number of bodily functions with the goal of „self knowledge through numbers“. Using those mobile technologies, they record their daily body weight, resting pulse, sleep patterns, stress levels and other measurable parameters at any time. Quantified Self is meant to lead to self-discovery, self-knowledge and self-improvement. Some try to increase their physical performance, others their mental calmness and concentration.

Critics of this movement relate Quantified Self to eating disorders, hypochondria and compulsive behaviour. In addition, the pure orientation on body data has been claimed to be too one-sided to determine health status.

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